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Our mission

Pianiste Radio broadcasts all day long classical music played on the piano, composed by the greatest pianists of the classical and romantic eras. Aimed at lovers of piano, classical music, or simply those who wish to relax or promote their concentration, Pianiste Radio is open to everyone. The goal is to make classical music accessible to as many people as possible, to discover and develop listening to this music so that these works cannot be forgotten.

We offer music that is easy to enjoy, as long as you don't have to be initiated to enjoy it. On the contrary, the chosen pieces are very accessible, harmonious, and whose notoriety varies. Thus, discovery remains a considerable characteristic of Internet radio.

Our mission is to bring together a community in an atmosphere of passion and sharing, in order to develop access to classical music and the piano.

You can contribute to our mission and support us by sharing Pianist Radio with your friends, relatives and family. Let's stay in this spirit of sharing and discovery and let's act together. Do you support us in any way? Tell us, it's always a pleasure to know that we are being helped and to be able to communicate with those who do!